Our bold, vivacious and high-quality cotton wax print makes these beautiful African dresses that are guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and stand out, no matter the occasion.

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African Print Anomaa Spaghetti Strap Maxi Wrap Dress - Zoharous

African Print Anomaa...

Price $72.10
African Print YAA Dropwaist Dress -Zoharous

African Print YAA Dropwaist...

Price $74.00
African Zina Patch Shirtdress - Limited Edition - Front - Zoharous

African Print Zina Patch...

Price $79.00
African Print Esi Midi...

African Print Esi Midi...

Price $55.00
Anomaa Wrap Dress - Front - Zoharous

African Print Anomaa Maxi...

Price $75.99